The Tomes of Morrison's Chantry

The various tomes found in the abandoned chantry in chadwich


Manual of Solifactus Titus:
English, famous book used by several traditions. It is an important alchemical book but it sometimes used as a primer to actually teach young mages. Deals with basic levels of Arete and of Prime.

Euclidian Codex:
It is in Greek, a collection of bound scrolls some of which are damaged in Greek and/or Latin. It deals with Mind and Spatial Puzzles.

Thaned Book of Storms: Written in Old English and a lot of Latin.

Morrison’s Notebook: An extensive work on the nature of the spirit realm, interaction with spirits in relation to hermetic axioms and theorems. Good ideas but poor execution.
(Head of chantry, Hermetic. Extensive work on nature of spirit realms and the nature of spirit in relation to hermeticism)

Book of Going Forth by Night: The most well hidden Grimoire in the house. Will work for several traditions including Adepts. It has many mental exercises for dealing with the spirit world. It is all written in English. May deal with the transmission of one’s mind into the spirit realm. (Spirit/Mind)?

A Discourse on the Creation and Refinement of Synthetic Minds:
Difference Engineer writings, combined with Etherite workings, focused on Mind, Forces, and Matter.

The Unfinished Symphonies of the Pale Lady:
Several Symphonies of unknown origin and stylings. If only some master of time and space could see them finished.


The Tomes of Morrison's Chantry

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