Soul-Searching Reality Hacker


Name: Warren Tully
Handle: 5p3ctor
Nature: Visionary
Demeanor: Pedagogue
Concept: Chaotic Reality Coder
Avatar: 2.66 Questing with Dynamic Rising
Description: Warren is a man who went from a life of relative ease to one of exploration across frontiers he never thought existed. As such, his once utilitarian wardrobe is starting to sag where fat once sat, replaced by a frame that never entirely stopped being completely done being thin, but was now remembering the ways of near-constant activity. His life is clearly carried on his person, but in ways that resemble a mad survivalist who, instead of bringing hatchets and climbing gear, packed gadgets and wires. Twin holsters at his hip, one with 9mm pistol, the other with a synthesizer hooked up to his shirt, which has speaker built into the front of it. His black hair, once long and flowing, has been cut short and each day seems to be in some different style, possibly some sort of magic, or just his finding different styles on the net. His eyes a dark brown, are often hidden behind mirrored sunglasses that have earbuds half-filling his ears at any given moment. At the center of his ensemble, a large, highly modified smart phone, with a custom case and equipment attached to it, through wireless and wired connections both, including a small wrist device that seems to both keep it tethered and provide additional power.

Experience: 50
Spent: 47

Strength 1 Dexterity 3 Stamina 2

Charisma 3 Manipulation 3 Appearance 2

Perception 4 (Intuitive) Intelligence 3 Wits 3


Alertness 2
Athletics 1
Awareness 1
Dodge 1
Expression 1
Streetwise 1
Subterfuge 2


Drive 1
Firearms 1
Meditation 1
Performance 1
Stealth 1
Survival 1
Technology 2


Academics 2
Computer 3
Cosmology 1
Enigmas 2
Investigation 2
Linguistics 1 (Barsoomian) (3 xp)
Occult 1
Science 2


Correspondance 3
Focus: Smart Phones

Forces 2
Focus: Music Synthesizers

Spirit 2 (16 XP)
Focus: Program

Mind 2 (10 + 12 XP)
Focus: Wirelessly Capable Devices

Matter 1 (6 XP)
Focus: Smart Gloves


Arete 3
Willpower 7 (4)
Quintessence: 3 (0)

Dynamic: Shifting Energy Patterns (light to sound to heat to radio, etc)


Arcane 4
Avatar 3
Dream 2
Library 2
Resources 1

Pistol (9mm) 4L , 17+1 shots, Pocket Conceal, Rate 4, Range 4
Concealed Blades S+1
Bowie Knife S+2


Manifest Avatar: Called G1st, or Gist, 5p3ctor believes this to be a highly advanced AI that he constructed, rather than the manifestation of his awakened Avatar. G1st first appeared in full during his awakening, a particularly nasty affair where Warren ran afoul of Technocracy Black ICE while attempting to savage their server as a part of a larger co-operative attack on numerous large business interests. Since then, G1st has been extremely helpful in guiding 5p3ctor through his enlightenment, pointing him in the direction of the Virtual Adepts, who put him through his paces. They always seemed offput by his AI pal that watched over him, but that was clearly because they were blind to their own AI potential. Seeking the secrets of G1st’s creation, 5p3ctor has been searching for the secrets of the technological, occult, and cosmological ever since, knowing that deep down, there is some sort of fundamental power in the connection with the real world, the virtual world, and the spirit realm.



Warren was born into the digital age, and unlike many of his peers, he understood the gravity of that statement. While they were posting videos of themselves to social networks exposing their youthful exuberance for generations to laugh at, he was busy understanding the inner workings of computers, communications, and the fundamental forces underlying them. Several sites online contained primers and how-tos of harnessing the fundamental forces of the internet, and by college, he had already partaken in numerous white and gray hat activities, with a few black hat runs at the urging of some of his more anarchistic brethren. He made a living mixing at raves and fixing systems for other would-be tech heads, but always there were concerns nipping at his heels. Stopping short of getting a masters in computer science and artificial intelligence, he went on a trip around North America, visiting major cities and tolerating the smaller towns. One day, a protest caught his attention, and while it was directionless, the point behind it struck home.

He set his sights on the large corporations that caused the social and economic downfall, putting together models based on years of information, some of which was based off of internal records he managed to get ahold of through various means. All the while, he stole bits of code he couldn’t figure out and started running it through the heuristic algorithms he had developed back in college. As he delved deeper into the mysteries before him, he realized that something much bigger than he thought was at the core of all of this. All signs pointed to a corporate building in Baltimore. Warchalking with a jailbroken phone and laptop into the seemingly decrepit building, he started looking for vulnerabilities into their defenses. As he was about to attempt subversion of their security, electricity coursed through his body, destroying his laptop and knocking him to the ground. His phone, damaged but still intact, began to sputter to life as voices came from it, telling him not to move, that authorities would be along soon, and that he was not to resist. Flashes of men in black suits along with a sense of urgency filled his phone, until finally a voice that sounded strangely familiar whispered into his earpiece.

“Run, I can show you the way. You have to get out of here. They’re coming.”

Suddenly able to move again, Warren ran, following the directions his phone gave him, mindful of the flashes of approaching men with guns. Despite rarely, if ever, spending much time in Baltimore, he seemingly knew the right way to go on every turn, down every alley, leading the men in black through some of the worst neighborhoods of Baltimore. Several running conflicts later, Warren found himself on a bus heading north. When he got far enough, he used the last of his travelling money to replace his phone, spent the next week walking to the next town while he had a long and in-depth conversation with the AI that had developed in the surge of his hardware that had apparently combined the various unknown code into a functional artificial being, no, an artificial life form, one that existed on the net thanks to the tether of his phone. Warren named the entity “G1st”, because whenever Warren tried to confirm his theories about his creation and nature, the only response was a virtual shrug and, “That’s about the gist of it, I guess.”

From there, he disappeared from the world at large. His aversion to leaving a major online footprint helped, as did learning how to hide what was left with the help of the Kibos of the Virtual Adept Usergroup, which apparently had been keeping an eye on him for some time. The teachings of the Virtual Adepts were fascinating, and soon he was learning how to see the forces of reality and travel without using planes, trains, or buses, though he still did from time to time, but he couldn’t be entirely sure as to why. His journeys brought him to many strange places, both in the real world and the virtual, and he found that G1st was not alone in being a spirit in the global telecommunications system. The elites that were training him seemed oblivious to the nature of these places, the possessed machines and the portals to the realm beyond. Finding connections between the three realms through his “dreams” as the others called it began to open 5p3ctor’s mind even further as his conversations with G1st continued. Further expeditions were planned, equipment gathered, but still he lacked in overall readiness. Something told him to wait, and an opportunity would arise to allow him to continue his exploration into the very depths of reality.

And then the call came. He could almost feel the danger around it, but with others, the right others, perhaps it would work out for the best. G1st seemed hopeful, and he had often wondered what other traditions were like in prolonged experience.


Venturing Into the Realm of Broken Dreams and Waking Nightmares Hotfoot