Alexander Meviello

Wandering Student of The Way


Name: Alexander Meviello
Nature: Cavalier
Demeanor: Guardian
Concept: Wandering Student of The Way
Tradition: Akashic Brotherhood


STR: xx
DEX: xxxxx
STA: xx

CHA: xx
MAN: xx
APP: xx

PER: xxxx
INT: xxx
WIT: xxx

Alertness xx
Athletics xx
Awareness xxx
Do xxx
Dodge xxxx
Leadership x

Drive x
Etiquette x
Firearms x
Meditation xx
Melee x
Stealth xxx
Survival x

Enigmas xx
Investigation x
Medicine x
Occult x

Correspondence xxx
Mind xxx
Prime x

Mentor xx
Resources x
Arcane xx
Avatar xxxxx

Willpower: xxxxxxxx

Arete: xxx

(freebies spent: 15)
Arete to 3 (-5)
Willpower to 8 (-3)
Avatar to 5 (-2)
Arcane to 2 (-1)
Dodge to 4 (-3)

Merits & Flaws:
Soft-Hearted (flaw, -1)
Code of Honor (merit, +1)

- Shinobijutsu (Correspondence 3):create pocket space around you to turn invisible
- Landscape of the Mind (Correspondence 3 & Mind 3): get area view, with all location of all sapient minds
- Seven-League Stride (Correspondence 3): teleport any place you can see
- Remote Viewing (Correspondence 2): remotely sense an area
- Probe Thoughts (Mind 3): dig in target’s head
- Telepathy (Mind 3): single mind to mind transmission
- Heart’s Blood (Prime 1): trade health levels for Quintessence
- Watch the Weaving (Prime 1): detect magical effects

XP: (15 unspent)
1st game: 3xp
2nd game: 3xp
3rd game: 3xp
4th game: 8xp
5th game: 4xp
6th game: 3xp
7th game: 3xp
8th game: 3xp

Dex to 5 (-20xp)
Stealth to 3 (-6xp)
8th game: 6xp
9th game: 5xp
10th game: 5xp
11th game: 3xp
10xp (Prime 1)
6xp (Awareness from 2 to 3)

Bang-nakh (pair, STR+2 lethal damage, uses Do)


After having joined the Army when he was eighteen, and returned, Alexander wasn’t quite sure how to get back to “normal” life. He finally returned to his old martial art studio for a while, and it helped him center himself more than he thought it would. Things became more calm, and more clear – and he was in the studio practicing when he first became aware that his teacher was something more than ordinary. One who showed him that reality was as thin as paper, and just as easily folded into beautiful and terrifying figures both.

Soon enough, he was sent out to journey, to discover himself, and his own way, now that he was “awake” enough to give himself his own direction, his teacher said. And thus began his journey, wandering from place to place. He thought back to the old TV show he loved as a kid – Kung Fu, and how the wandering monk attempted to help others and right wrongs wherever he went – and he would try to do the same.

Alexander Meviello

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