The Ascension War is over. The Technocracy stands triumphant and the Traditions have been defeated. Cold grey chains now bind and define reality. Traditions mages now hide in the shadows and secluded libraries, practicing in secret and the keeping the feeble flame of enlightenment alive.

The war is lost, but empires do not last forever. The cracks are already spreading and the rot has set in. The tools of science show Relativity to be a lie. Computers are believed by many to be magic, not science, and are used by anarchists to securely communicate as well as by governments to store information. The financial wizards have been shown to by kleptomaniac clowns. The Masses turn towards entertainments to escape the grey Hades of their lives and the ones they yearn for are the legendary past, demigods incarnated as heroes of today, and a mythic tomorrow.

Here, today, a handful of young, inexperienced mages are preparing for an adventure which might grant them the powers and glories of their forebearers or send them to the blackest hell. Power and enlightenment, salvation and damnation await.

Venturing Into the Realm of Broken Dreams and Waking Nightmares

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